Why Does Reading Make You Sleepy ?

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After many people work, they still can’t forget the sleep of the student days-the teacher talks freely on the podium, and he is full of water on the desk. So that in the night when they are bald and staring at the ceiling, many people’s solution is to pick up a book.

But why? Why is the book so hypnotized? What did the book do to us? Is there any magical dark matter in it?

This book, not your favorite book, is also a book, but the effect of hypnosis is very different, and we also have moments that we can’t release the book. For example, ” Tomb Raiders Notes “, “Contra”, “Zhen Huan Biography”… After reading one after another, I was tireless all night.

But if you turn to the first page of “English Vocabulary for Postgraduate Entrance Exams”, just after memorizing the first word Abandon… I fall asleep. This must be a problem with the book. Cognitive science found that our “information conversion” is less efficient for books whose language organization channels are not so fluent. Harviland and Clark of the School of Psychology at Stanford University conducted a reading comprehension test in 1974. Participants had to read 68 short sentences, including:

The content of half of the sentence is directly matched, such as “We took out some beer from the carriage, and the beer is warm”;

The other half of the sentences are matched indirectly, such as “We checked the picnic box, the beer is warm”, and there is a lack of a logical connection in the middle, that is, “there is beer in the picnic box”.

It turns out that there is a significant difference in the time required to read these two types of sentences, with a difference of 0.181 seconds between the two. In this nearly 0.2 second difference, our brains are frantically searching for the missing logic of “there is beer in the picnic box”. Picking up an incomprehensible book (such as a high number) is equivalent to a cruel stacking of countless 0.2 seconds-rounded up, it may be about one semester. Moreover, the capacity of our working memory is limited. If there is always a large amount of information that cannot be processed, it will be blocked layer by layer at the door to understanding, like a blocked toilet. When it reaches its limit, it will collapse and become a pile of boring and nothing. Meaningful information fragments make people feel at a loss in life… so… books are still not good. Forget about astrophysics, let’s start with the low-level version.


Sleepy reading, the brain is protecting you

The brain is a big energy consumer. With only 2% of body weight, the brain accounts for 20% of the body’s total calorie consumption like a lever. Reading is a behavior that fully mobilizes the brain. It not only requires the accurate recognition of the eyes and the constant provocation of memory, but also requires long-term, immersive input and thinking. This process mobilizes the visual cortex, Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area, which are directly related to language. If you want to understand its content in depth, it also involves the hippocampus, anterior cingulate gyrus, and frontal lobe that are involved in advanced emotional and cognitive processing. This is tiring enough. What’s more painful is that we have to spend a lot of energy to restrain our urge to “Ge You Paralysis” on the sofa, which will further increase the energy consumption of the brain. Just like exercise for a long time will make you tired, after a long period of cognitive load, the brain will also give people a physical quota that the brain needs to rest-“mental fatigue” (mental fatigue).

If you are already very tired, continuing to read will accelerate the arrival of mental fatigue. The brain is really too sensible. It is afraid that you are too tired, and it is silently protecting you-making you sleepy as you watch, so you can rest.


Why don’t people get sleepy?

Seeing this, someone will ask: Why does the brain protect me? I’m an older child, can you let it protect the next-door schoolmaster? That person reads desperately all day, so why not get sleepy? How to treat it differently? Many people often feel that the same information is easy to transform for some people, and it is difficult for some people to reach the sky.

You finished reading a book…oh. You have never finished reading a book. This makes one can’t help but look up to the sky and sigh: Why—why—is it? ! In fact, as early as the 1980s, studies have found that when “students” perform cognitive tasks, the energy metabolism rate of the cerebral cortex decreases. In other words: the “student tyrant” consumes less energy when thinking about problems. Based on this, some people hypothesize that the reason why “students” are more focused and lasting may not be because they work harder than others, but because their brains work more efficiently, which is the so-called “neural efficiency hypothesis” (neural efficiency hypothesis). ). This speculation was further confirmed in 2018. The team of Professor Erhan Genc from the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany found:

The brain neurons of Xueba’s interconnection are more efficient and concise. Simply put, the smarter the person, the more efficient the brain is, the lower the energy consumption for processing the same task, and it is not easy to trigger the brain’s negative feedback mechanism. It’s even less likely to get sleepy. To put it simply: they have good brains.

Books need fate.
Reading also requires fate.

If you can’t pick a book of your choice, if your mind keeps your own way and keeps you out of the door of reading, you will reproduce the classic circle: reading-so sleepy-continue to read-more Sleepy… It seems that the books in this world that symbolize wisdom and truth are all teaching us the same philosophy of life: don’t suffer from Lao Tzu. But thinking about it from another angle, nearly half of people have experienced insomnia, and being able to sleep well is also a kind of happiness.




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