Which couples can stay together for a long time at a glance?

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I have seen a lot of couples, whether they will break up or be able to get married is generally accurate. According to my experience, couples with these characteristics can really go far. There is no unnecessary nonsense. Every one is in love. Summarized experience and perception


1. When you encounter a problem, you want to solve it instead of giving up. (Avoid quarreling and breaking up due to accumulation of contradictions)

2. Both parties will take the initiative to keep a distance with friends of the opposite sex. (Avoid the problem of derailment of the opposite sex and suspicion)

3. Communicate and talk heart-to-heart at intervals. (Avoid the problem of holding back grievances and turning over old accounts)

4. Plain but long flowing. (Avoid being unable to stand the firewood, rice, oil and salt in life because of the vigor of eachother)

5. Respect each other, appreciate each other, and make progress together. (Avoid being PUA and the unequal status of both parties)

6. Understand each other’s emotions and behaviors, understand and tolerate. (Avoid making trouble because you don’t understand the other party)

7. It feels relaxed, comfortable and comfortable to get along with. (Avoid being unable to accept the real life after marriage)

8. Be grateful for the existence of each other, and I will be very lucky to meet each other. (Avoid giving up on each other because of meeting better people)

9. The combination of three views and the three views of both families. (Avoid mother-in-law problems and parents’ shortcomings)

10. Will not forcefully change the other party (avoid complaints caused by the other party not meeting their expectations)

11. I really love each other, and they can feel it. (Avoid all problems)


If all the lovers in the world are like this, there will be no more tragedies such as infidelity, domestic violence, wife killing, etc. The prerequisite for a good love must be that both parties run together. The couples I have seen are all happy. There is each other in my heart, boys know how to care and loyal, girls know how to give back and gratitude.

It is inevitable that there will be unsatisfactory things between lovers. Think about it carefully. If you are more happy with him than sad, then it is worth it. Otherwise, you must stop the loss in time. With so many people in the world, it’s not easy to find someone you love and be with him. If you really love each other, you don’t need to deliberately do the above. If you don’t do it, you don’t have to think about it. Too many, they are only sufficient and unnecessary conditions for love. Everyone’s love pattern is different. It is good for everyone to have their own judgment, and it is not necessary to use this as a criterion.

Finally, I hope you all know how to cherish each other, learn to manage your own love, and become a happy couple.

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