If I give you a hundred million yuan to be the most unlucky person on earth, do you agree?

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the most unlucky person on earth ?

Of course, I don’t agree. You don’t know what is the most unfortunate concept among 7 billion people.

More than 3000 people are killed by lightning every year in the world. First of all, you can’t go out. People are killed every day in the world. You must be killed when you go out. Is it safe to hide at home?

A new report shows that the number of civilian deaths related to terrorist attacks in the world is rising sharply. In the latest year, more than 18000 people around the world were killed by terrorist acts. Fortunately, most of them are abroad, especially in the Middle East. No matter how bad it is at home, it may not be your turn.

Not to mention traffic accidents. As the most unlucky person in the world, where there is a car, 100% of them are killed. Even in China, you have to find a place without electricity, otherwise: the number of people who die in electrical accidents in the world every year accounts for about 25% of the total number of accident deaths, and 100% of them are electrocuted. So even if you use the most extreme means to find the best place for public security, build an abandoned air raid shelter without water and electricity, hire a few absolutely reliable people with all kinds of first aid equipment, prepare well three months in advance, and do not drink, eat or sleep all day, can you live? Spontaneous Creutzfeldt Jakob disease is the most common type, which occurs in about one in a million people every year in the world. This is about 85% of the cases. Most people die within four months to two years. At present, there is no effective treatment, but drug treatment can alleviate some symptoms.

Even if you don’t do anything and are in absolute safety protection, you will get a fatal disease on this day because of the wrong folding of several protein molecules in your brain.

So give up the 100 million. Death is coming to collect people. No one can save them



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