Is China a threat to world peace?

Is China a threat to the world? No Does China pose a threat to the western world? probably Why? Because China has made the “world” no longer just refer to the “western world”.

Where did the Sanxingdui civilization come from?

Recently, more than 500 important cultural relics such as golden mask fragments, giant bronze masks, bronze sacred trees, and ivory have been unearthed from the six newly discovered Sanxingdui cultural “sacrifice pits” at the Sanxingdui site. It can be described as a happy event.

Semen allergy ? Some people are allergic to their semen!

allergy to semen  ? Some people are allergic to their semen! At present, in China, people know little about post orgasmic syndrome or female semen allergy. At the same time, the disease is relatively private, and patients may avoid medical treatment or have no way to seek treatment.