How to retrieve deleted pages/news

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Retrieve deleted webpages The first step of the collection is just a precautionary measure just in case, but you will always encounter deleted webpages/articles. Therefore, it is very necessary to master the skills to retrieve deleted pages.


1Use a search engine to find a copy

For popular WeChat articles or news, you can view the title of the page through Moments, public account records, browsing history, etc., and then search for the title in search engines such as Google, and there is a high probability that you can find reprints/backups of other websites. . For example: the controversial article “Those who leave their functions directly affect China’s moon landings, should they only stay at the bottom of state-owned enterprises?”, you can find reprints and backups directly in the search engine.


2Use search engine to find cache

Similarly, for Zhihu Answers or other news pages, if they are deleted after a period of time, you can check the cache on the search engine. If the deletion time is too long, or the webpage is deleted before it is cached, it cannot be found by this method.

3 RSS cache

Some websites have RSS and full text output. If the article has just been deleted, the RSS service website generally still has a cache. Now the mainstream RSS services include Feedly and Inoreader. Of course, for web pages without full-text RSS output, they are powerless.

Retrieve deleted webpages

4 archive. org is a non-profit digital storage library that has archived more than 300 billion web pages. For deleted pages (not including WeChat articles), you can find the archive here.

The first step is to find the link to the webpage. The original link can be found in search engines and social networks. It should be noted that the general link will be parameterized or converted into a short link. Links copied from the search results page can use the URL clean service to get the original link, and those converted to short links can use the “unshorten url” service to get the original link.

Then copy the link to the search box to find the archive. As shown in the figure below, just select the date for archiving.

Retrieve deleted webpages

Retrieve deleted webpages



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