Steamy Buns

(25 October 2017, Malaysia) A spiritual magician died after accidentally
steaming himself to death in a…

Red Evolution

(2017, Russia) A welder is in the evolutionary spotlight today. Vargas
(pseudonym) worked for The Enterprise for…


(22 July 2018, New South Wales AU) The ban on shopping bags has taken a
terrible toll….

Mammoth Morons

Today’s Group Darwin Award is for the males of the Woolly Mammoth species,
Mammuthus primigenius, an…

Fumble Tumble

(18 December 2018. Maryland). Like a plot out of Sherlock Holmes,
officials found a dead body…

GEOcaching Out!

(9 June 2018, Czech Republic) Meteorology showed storms and torrential
rains coming. But (4) geo-cachers were not…