Is China a threat to world peace?

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Is China a threat to world peace ?

1. Victor Seng
Works at Supreme Court of Singapore; Studied at Singapore Polytechnic; Lives in Singapore

Perhaps the definition of world peace should be appropriately defined. Our world at present does not enjoy peace. If you think your country has no war, it is world peace, and I’m sorry to say that you are living in a delusional reality. You know how many countries are constantly fighting with their neighbors or civil wars between them. That’s not world peace!
The world situation is a mess caused by the United States. As the biggest war dealer, it will wage war against anyone who does not agree with it. Ask or learn what the United States has done to the Middle East and South America. Ask or learn how the United States broke down the Japanese economy in the 1980s / 90s.
In recent years, China has only done three things:
It started to overtake the United States. It has lifted 600 million people out of poverty, accounting for about 40 per cent of its total population.
Make plans and further develop yourself. Unfortunately, the plan does not involve the United States, so in order to develop, it must make choices that the United States may not agree with.
It is determined that it will not continue to be a world factory as the United States and allies hope.
Although China has to make decisions and actions that the United States does not agree with, there is no action to show that China is going to wage war or even invade the United States. All of these statements about China’s intention to invade or rob the American people of their jobs are purely propaganda. To create an enemy to divert hatred created by the policies of the United States government or its existing government.
So, without hurting anyone, China helps countries trapped in time holes, which will benefit everyone, which will damage some of the benefits that the United States and partners currently enjoy. What is not mentioned in the propaganda is the potential that many countries will bring when they are freed from the state of the third world. More trade, more talents, more development. So I asked, when China’s plan is to develop and help other poorer countries grow up with them, what is the threat to the world?
The United States is not the natural place of the world’s largest power. So why is it wrong when another more capable country shows its potential to go beyond it? The United States has destroyed Japan’s once again powerful opportunity. Now they want to have another time in China?
If the United States continues to remain first, what will the development of other countries in the world be? So the next time any country is strong, the United States repeats what it has been doing. Is this a fair deal? If you say it’s unfair, look at what your country is doing. If you say it’s fair, please come down from the top of morality, and you obviously don’t have morality.


2. Robert Mookerdum
English High School of Rangoon Methodist Association, Myanmar, graduated in 1972; lives in bartsar suveron, Germany

China will not pose a threat to the world, at least not militarily. China will do everything possible to avoid armed conflicts that could invade its country, as it was done by its old rivals and enemies who were very paranoid about China’s economic and political success. No country in the world can achieve such achievements in China in just 50 years – a country occupied and conquered by “ah, then democratic and advanced countries” and almost completely destroyed.
This is because these evil powers unite against China and the Chinese people, but more importantly, they have destroyed the spirit of China and made China weak and unable to defend itself. But this great kingdom of central China has honorable sons like Mr. Mao and Deng. They finally liberated their motherland and made China what they are today.
The success of other capitalist countries is based on the theft and plunder of the wealth of other countries, and further threatens that if they do not comply with their rules, they will be deprived of their rights and even destroyed, and they will always be in a disadvantageous position.


3. Joshua Field
Live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

To threaten world peace, we must have enough strength to project far beyond their own military command.
How many military bases does China have abroad? One.
To threaten world peace, benefits must be gained in a chaotic international situation.
Why is a country mainly committed to building a strong economy interested in destabilizing the world?
To threaten world peace, it is necessary to show signs of atrocities abroad and try to cut off governments of other countries.
Has China committed atrocities abroad?
Has China ever killed any foreign government politically or tried to do so?
In order to threaten world peace, signs of military and economic offensive building must be shown.
Does China have an offensive oriented army?
Does China pursue the offensive realism philosophy?
To threaten world peace, first, it is necessary to show signs of cross-border interference in other countries’ affairs.
How many times have China intervened and intervened in other countries’ affairs after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Zero.
To threaten world peace, there must be signs of ideology.
Have you heard of the forced output of Chinese political and ideological structure? I haven’t heard of it either.
So, is China a threat to the world? I’ll let you decide.


4. Nathan James
Geopolitical pundit and blogger. B.Sc. from Ryerson University Graduated 1985; Lives in Toronto, ON

China does not threaten world peace at all. In fact, China is the most peaceful world power in human history.
Let’s look at the former world powers, such as the United States and the UK. These countries have invaded many other countries in the world.
But China has never invaded a distant foreign country except for regional defense. Even in the history of the founding of the people’s Republic of China for more than 2000 years, it has not been once.
In the past 40 years, the United States has waged war on Afghanistan, Bosnia, Grenada, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and other countries.
How many wars have China fought in the past 40 years, you guess? No one, zero. The last war China fought was the Sino Vietnam War in 1979.
The United States has 800 military bases in 70 countries. It has 11 super carrier attack groups, roaming the world’s oceans. There are thousands of nuclear weapons in its arsenal.
Which country is more threatening to world peace?



5. Oliver C. Be
Lives in Switzerland 1981–present; Knows German

I don’t think China is a threat. It is more likely to be a useful force, as long as Africa is asked.
With its products and infrastructure, it has now improved the lives of more than half of the world’s population.
But there is a friction between Asia and the West now, which must be solved. This friction is that the west is basically unable to compete with wages in Asia in many fields, so the world needs some rebalancing.


6. Peter Kaye
Oilfield Work at Ocean Systems 1966–1996; Lived in Curra Queensland Australia

There is no threat. What threat can they pose? This kind of attack on China is getting boring. Only hope people can shrink their heads in and have a rest for a while.


7. Ashok Rajawat
No, China is doing something that it thinks is better for China, which will help them grow into a superpower.

China can’t make everyone happy. When China makes progress, there will be many countries that may not like it.
If someone doesn’t like you, it means you’re right on the way.


8. Paul Clifford
Automated Systems Architect (Retired); ACIS from University of Sydney Graduated 1978; Lives in Sydney, Australia 1953–present

How does China threaten world peace?
The Chinese are defending China, opposing American belligerence and attempts to rule the world.
The world generally believes that if the Third World War really happened, it would have been provoked by the United States!


9. Norman Simpson
No, all wars were initiated by the United States, and China and Russia finally held them firmly in control. China is the key to world peace, and that’s why the United States has its own fruit… It can’t start war at will, it needs war… So it is fighting itself.


10. Anupam Majmudar
Former Senior Scientist at Department of Atomic Energy, India 1962–2001; PhD from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Graduated 1990; Lived in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

At least have a knowledge of the history of the past 75 years.
Which country has dropped atomic weapons?
Which country has the most war? Which country has the most troops abroad, you will know who is dangerous and who is not dangerous.


11. Max Tierney
Former Now in Retirement 1973–2019; Studied Science & Environmentl Science at University of the Sunshine Coast Graduated 2018; Lives in Queensland, Australia 1956–present

How can a country be a threat if it does not threaten military action?
How is a country threatening to try to get its own people to work?
Why do I read this problem, trump defines a country as bad, doesn’t mean that the country is bad.


12. Fent Clin
Lived in The United States of America
Is China a threat to the world? No,
Is China a threat to the western world? probably
Because China has made the world no longer just the “western world.”.


13. Sohail Ahmed
No background information was found for the netizen
China is not a threat to the world, they are not involved in any unnecessary war. They will not stab themselves into other people’s wars. They don’t declare any country threatening them, and then they go bombing that country.


14. Sandesh
Lived in Kathmandu, Nepal; Knows Nepali
China is not a threat to the world, it just wants to make money. Because of its rapid economic growth, Westerners are jealous and do everything possible to make it look bad
All the major media are Western propaganda tools. If you are richer than the west, you are evil; if you are stronger than the west, you are evil; if you don’t want to buy oil in dollars, you are evil; if you don’t believe in Christianity, you are evil.



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