How to view US Defense Secretary’s call “China is the main threat”

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China is the main threat ? Recently, I’ve been looking at the Yearbook and price list of various industries in China. I sigh at the shrinking profits of domestic enterprises, but I also lament the strength of China. In fact, China’s strength is much more powerful than what we can intuitively feel in our daily life.

Author: crown of Tokamak

It is undeniable that many industries in China are still relatively backward, but they have a solid foundation, complete supporting facilities and catch up with the world’s top level. It is only a matter of time. If you want the top, we may not be able to take it out, or the cost is relatively high, but we have everything you want.

Moreover, in recent years, China’s cultivated land area has not changed greatly (or even decreased), and the grain output has increased steadily. It’s incredible that the vegetable planting area has been rising. I don’t know how to do it.

Let alone military strength, our military strength is extremely strong.

A conclusion can be drawn here. It’s too far away to say. However, in East Asia, if China wants to turn the clouds over, if it wants to be flat and round, it’s just a matter of intention. If it really wants to do it, the Americans can’t stop it.

In other words, if you really want to threaten, you will be here to talk?

What Japan and South Korea should be most thankful for is China’s gentleness and benevolence. Such great strength and such restrained attitude are the blessings they have cultivated in their last life and the virtue of heaven.

If the United States wants to maintain its system in the Western Pacific for as many years as possible, if it wants to allow the psychological support of mediators and liberals all over East Asia to linger for a few more years, if it wants to whitewash its illusory power for a few more years, the best solution is to try not to stimulate China, not to break the peace, and to seek peace and quiet, Every day is a day.

In other words, it is the major fundamental interest of the United States to let China maintain its current posture as far as possible without making a rapid change, or at least to let China’s posture change as slowly as possible. Any action that may lead to or accelerate China’s macro posture change is harmful and unhelpful.

At present, this kind of behavior of the United States in East Asia, such as connecting with each other, holding small meetings, soliciting gangs and ganging up, and reorganizing black materials, is a typical behavior with no offensive force and strong stimulation. It is of no help to maintain its own system. Not to say, instead, it is possible for China to make a fierce response, speed up the change of China’s attitude, and lead to the early collapse of the Western Pacific system. It is a government with all kinds of harms but no benefits Cure the blind.

Even if the purpose of the United States is not to encircle China, but to knock on Japan and South Korea, in fact, there are many other ways. There is no need to take such a big risk to touch China’s porcelain. Besides, in such a tacit situation in East Asia, when Japan and South Korea don’t want to change their doors, it’s useless for you to knock on them. When Japan and South Korea really want to change their doors, you can’t stop them. It’s going to rain and the mother wants to marry. In this case, why don’t you do so much One thing is better than one less?

It can also be seen that since the US strategic academia began to withdraw from the decision-making process of the United States in the 1980s, its foreign policy has undergone serious deterioration at the executive level, with blind action and continuous mistakes, which is not commensurate with its international status. After sleeping king came to power, its various branches have gone their own way, the center is disabled, there is no internal coordination, and all departments are independent In the past, it used to be said that the United States is divided into different parts.

As for ourselves, we should also consider carefully. What is the benefit to our country if we let such a thing with no match for morality continue to ride on the head of East Asia? We still need to make a difference.



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