How to view the first China-US talks and the results reached?

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How to view the first China-US talks and the results reached?

Message a:
After two hours of intense negotiation, China and the United States reached the first consensus that they should have their own lunch and dinner. If there are no other changes, this may be the only consensus of this meeting.

Message B:

What the U.S. calls China names are all platitudes. I’m tired of listening to them. China scolds the United States, which is new for decades. Therefore, it is not news for China to be scolded, but news for the United States to be scolded.


Photo source: @ Wu Mingshi

Message C:
“I said it when I came in. Please pay attention to the tone of voice of the US side!” Since 1840 We haven’t spoken to may in 200 years.

Message D:
“What I want to say here is that in terms of China, the United States is not qualified to say that it wants to have a dialogue with China in terms of strength.” “…… Even 20 or 30 years ago, the US side was not even qualified to say such words, because this is not the way to deal with the Chinese people…. “

Message e:
After watching ABC, CNN, PBS and other mainstream media in the United States for a while, they only quoted BLANKEN’s criticism of China during the talks, which made China black again. However, they did not mention the specific content of the Chinese representative’s criticism of American human rights. They just said that “China thinks that the United States needs to improve its human rights image”, and then they passed it by. The political consciousness of American private media reporters is very high. When it comes to national interests, all the “human rights” and “black life” that we usually talk about are gone.

Message F:
No lunch or dinner for the meeting? Sleeping king, it’s better to buy your own hamburger!

Message G:
Isn’t the United States going to do something to prove that its strength is still there, worthy of China’s “respect”?

Message H:
The best way for a high-quality president of a big country at this time is to meet with visitors on the last day, and turn the page in front of both sides by saying, “let’s talk about philosophy after you’ve quarreled.”. We invite our guests to have a dinner of lobster soup. During the conversation, we draw the border of influence within 20 years.



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