HBO GO Zach Schneider Edition Justice League is here

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HBO GO Zach Schneider’s Justice League is here. In 2017, “Justice League” was released. As a super blockbuster, the production cost was as high as 300 million US dollars. To make the film profitable, it needs more than 2.5 times the cost of box office revenue, but In the end, the global box office only received 650 million U.S. dollars, and Warner suffered a blood loss.

The director of the film was originally Zach Schneider, but due to family reasons during the filming process, the later director rod was handed over to Joss Weiden. The two directors have completely different styles, the former is a dark style, and the latter is a humorous style. In the end, due to the imbalance in the distribution of combat power of the characters in the film, the fact that Superman was left alone, the Flash was reduced to a decoration, and Batman’s IQ went offline, the reputation fell through. However, thanks to the efforts of many people, the chairman of Warner after a lapse of 3 years Finally agreed to launch the “Zadao Edited Version” of the movie!

Director Zach Schneider said that his edited version will never disappoint fans. The feature film was only due to Warner’s excessive intervention, which led to the collapse of the plot…

It is reported that the cost of re-production of the edited version is as high as 25 million US dollars. Earlier, there was news that the director’s cut version of “Justice League” would be divided into 4 episodes, each one hour for a total of four hours.

But when director Zach Snyder answered a fan question, a fan asked: “Is the “Justice League” director’s cut version a (4 episodes) episode or a full movie?” Zach Snyder De replied: “It’s a full version (movie).”

The director’s cut version of “Justice League” will provide more than 150 minutes of footage that hasn’t appeared before, and this accounts for more than half of the entire movie. The new trailer was also released recently, and the superheroes of Zhenglian gathered to fight against the powerful alien invasion. Superman in black, steppe wolves with different appearances show off, Darkside, Leto version of Joker appeared, and the previous “Justice League” seems to be two completely different movies.

The director’s cut version of “Justice League” will be launched on HBO MAX on March 18, 2021, but currently only the United States, Asia HBO GO and some HBO streaming media in Europe are scheduled, and there is still no news in other countries and regions.

Zach Schneider Edition Justice League Justice.League.Snyders.Cut.2021.WEBRip.x264-Chinese subtitles.mkv


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