Does condom use make you pregnant ?

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Does condom use make you pregnant ? Is condom really 100% safe?

Is condom really 100% safe? The air is full of ambiguities in the night, not only dating to be sweet, but also pay attention to safety oh. Boys and girls should know the answers to 11 common questions about condoms.

Is condom really 100% safe? At present, there is no contraceptive method that can achieve 100% effective contraception (except abstinence), while the effective contraceptive rate of condom can reach 98%, which is excellent.
That is to say, only two out of every 100 women who use condoms correctly as a contraceptive channel get pregnant within a year. The success rate was significantly higher than that of emergency contraceptive (about 80%), external ejaculation contraceptive (about 78%) and safe period contraceptive (about 76%); it was only slightly lower than that of oral short acting contraceptive (about 99%) and ligation (about 100%). In addition, the correct use of qualified condoms can also greatly reduce the infection rate of sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, hepatitis B virus and so on.

If the condom is so thin, will it break easily? Don’t worry, it’s not that easy to break. Before the condom is put on the market, it is necessary to “pass five passes and cut six passes”. For example, it is necessary to test whether the breaking force and tensile property are qualified. Each batch is also required to randomly check whether the pinhole, blasting volume and pressure that may leak meet the requirements
The blasting volume should not be less than 16L, that is, 32 bottles of 500ml mineral water will not be broken; the minimum breaking force should be 100N, that is to say, a bag of 10kg rice can be carried continuously. Even if the 0.01mm ultra-thin condom uses polyurethane and other new materials, its strength is guaranteed. As long as it is not damaged intentionally, it will not break. However, the expired condom may cause deterioration of components and increase the risk of rupture. It is better to check whether it is within the shelf life before use. Instead of worrying about the condom rupture, it is better to reduce the wrong use methods that may reduce the efficiency, such as don’t use teeth, scissors and other sharp tools to tear open the package; pinch the seminal vesicle before use to exhaust the air inside; don’t be too violent and rude in use.

Does condom use make you pregnant ? Is condom really 100% safe?
Latex allergy, can’t use condom?
Of course not. Latex allergy, just can’t use latex material condom, also can choose polyurethane material. Most of the condoms on the market are made of latex, and there are also polyurethane condoms, which do not contain latex molecules at all. The feeling of using them is not significantly different from that of latex materials. People allergic to latex must avoid using latex condom to avoid allergic reaction. Considerate enough partner, remember in the first intimate contact, ask if the other party is allergic to latex oh.

Do you have different sizes?
of course. Don’t want to be crooked, the reference of the size of the condom model is the thickness of Ding Ding, which has nothing to do with the length. Refer to the method of measuring the ring size, use a thin wire to wind the middle of the fully erect Ding Ding for a circle, and measure the length of the wire, that is, the circumference of the Ding, corresponding to the circumference of the condom at the opening. Dividing perimeter by 2 is the width of the condom, also known as the nominal width. The nominal width is about 52mm. For the first time, you can choose the medium size. After trial, it feels too tight or too loose, and then adjust to other models. If the condom is too small, it will increase the risk of cracking; if the condom is too large, it may fall off in the process, so you should choose a suitable size.

Is the condom divided into positive and negative?
Yes, the outside of the sleeve is usually coated with lubrication, while the inside is usually not lubricated to reduce the risk of falling off. When wearing, the curl at the opening of the condom should be on the outside, and the other side should be pasted with Ding Ding Ding. If you wear it backwards, you will obviously find it difficult to wear and easy to break it. Attention, wear the wrong must be replaced, as long as the condom touched Ding Ding, may contact sperm, may be pregnant.

Does condom use make you pregnant ? Is condom really 100% safe?
Will “wear it later” and “take it later” affect the effect?
Of course. Wearing late, Ding Ding excited has secreted prostatic fluid, in which there may be a small amount of sperm, have the opportunity to cross the line of fire; taking late, Ding Ding weak condom easy to fall off, sperm may escape, may affect the success rate of contraception. The condom must be worn during sexual exertion and before physical contact, and removed after intimate contact and before weakness. It must be used in the whole process.
Some people want to be more secure and choose to wear a two-layer condom, emmm That’s not a good idea. Two sets of mutual friction, will increase the risk of cracking, the outer layer is also more likely to slip. Wearing double deck is not double insurance, but more dangerous.

The condom fell in halfway. What should I do?
Take it out. If the condom falls on a shallow part of a woman’s body, gently hook it out with your fingers; if it falls to a deeper part and cannot be reached by your fingers, wait for 10-15 minutes before trying to take it out. When women are sexually active, the uterus and cervix will rise. Correspondingly, the vagina will be elongated and narrowed. It will be easier to take out after recovery. If it still can’t be removed, see a doctor in time. It should be noted that at the moment when the condom fell from Ding Ding, it represented the contraceptive failure. If the condom is found to be partially slipping during the process, it should be suspended and put back to the original position to avoid complete falling off.

Later found that the condom broke, how to do?
It’s not too late to mend. The most important thing is to confirm whether you are at risk of infection. If you are suspected of having been exposed to HIV, you must seek medical advice immediately and take preventive measures after exposure. Also check for debris left in the body. If you don’t plan to have a baby, you can take emergency contraceptives after the event. The earlier you take them, the better. Most emergency contraceptives are taken within 72 hours, more than 48 hours later, the failure rate will increase accordingly. Emergency contraceptive is not recommended as a routine contraceptive because of its high side effects and high risk of failure. But if you encounter condom damage, slip and other accidents, do not worry, the sooner the better.

Does the condom with delay function really work?
It may be useful, but don’t rely entirely on condoms to meet the expectation of delay. Delay function is generally divided into physical delay and chemical delay.
Physical delay, add the overall or top thickness of the sleeve to reduce the sensitivity and achieve delay
Chemical delay, add local anesthetics at the top of the condom to make Ding Ding paralyzed and produce delay effect
Physical delay generally has no special adverse effects, while chemical delay sleeve, if used too frequently, may lead to the emergence of other side effects such as the decrease of sensitivity of butane.
Duration is affected by many factors, including physical state, mood, environment, and the strength of sexual stimulation If you really worry about the length of time, you should go to the andrology Department of a regular hospital, and don’t rely on condoms.

Can the condom be reused?
Of course may not! The condom is a disposable consumable. Although the appearance is not damaged, it should be used one by one. Repeated use may cause bacteria to grow, and it is more likely to be damaged, increasing the probability of pregnancy.
A condom can only be used once. As for how many condoms are needed for one-time life, it varies from person to person. When replacing a new condom, remember to thoroughly clean hands and key parts to avoid contact with residual sperm.

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive condoms?
As long as it is a qualified set produced by regular manufacturers, there is little difference in essence. Different pricing may be caused by different thickness, lubricant type and appearance. However, news has also revealed that some illegal small factories manufacture “fake” condoms, which are of low price and poor quality. Of course, contraceptive effect is not guaranteed. To identify the true and false condom, we should take a look at it three times.

Look at the outer package, the real package is in good condition, and the font printing is clear.
If you look at the inner package and the product manual, the edge of the genuine packaging bag is neat, the production date is not easy to pick out, and the fake is on the contrary.

Look at the medical device registration number, production license number, commodity bar code, if necessary, you can login the website to query the code.

Open the package to smell, genuine condoms do not smell particularly pungent smell, and fake generally use inferior silicone oil, pungent taste.
The price of condom will not be more expensive than the price of making up for contraceptive failure. Don’t try to be cheap and choose irregular condom



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