Death By Water Bottle Waterfall

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2022 Darwin Award: Death By Water Bottle Waterfall


Honoring Charles Darwin, the father of
evolution, Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene
pool–by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible.

Death By Water Bottle Waterfall

2022 Darwin Award Winner
Confirmed True by Darwin

 Lots of waterbottles in a storeroom, piled high and wrapped in six- or eight-packs..

(19 April 2022, Italy) No water shortage in this Italian supermarket, where
a sudden tidal wave of water spelled doom for a ransacker. The man, 46,
was a well known character in the city of Cattolica. He snuck into the
back of the closed market on Easter Monday—and that break-in was his

He paused to enjoy a drink of water, pulling a bottle from a towering
tableau, and the whole darned stack collapsed on top of him like a tidal
wave! Employees returned to the shop the next day, and were confronted by
a collapsed mess of crates.

A few hours into the workday they finally began to sort the collapse stack. Lifting the first crate, an arm emerged! It was immediately clear
that a tragedy had taken place. But what…?

Thanks to the CCTV footage, the carabinieri were able to
reconstruct the last moments of the 46-year-old’s life as he tugged the
bottle free, and was crushed by the weight of the crates. People were sad
he had died, but then again it was twice his fault: breaking in,
and alone in the store taunting gravity to do its worst.

Facebook Fans Gone Wild:
‘Thirst Trap’ -Wendy
‘Not just a Darwin award but instant Karma’ -Robert Moreton
‘Water’ mistake to make… -Martin H.
‘Water way to go!’ -Tom C,
‘Would this mean his water broke?’ -Meo Map CC
‘Water broke him.’ -TC Riddle
‘H2whoahno—’ -Brad Smyrk
‘So much for water being the healthy choice.’ -Gordon McK
‘Unexpected item in bagging area.’-William Leslie Spratt
‘That must have been a slippery situation for the employees.’-Joe Spruill
‘I bet his ghost wished he had broken into an
off-licence now.’ -David Ward
‘This is a proof that theft desecrates the thief.’ -Franc&̧ois Gobbi
‘There has to be a segue
to this story. In Italy, drinking water is practically free, available at
public fountains everywhere. We’ll probably find out this was a murder
staged as an accident.’
-Andrés Suaréz Rosselli
It happened on Earth Day? ‘Death by Plastic.’ Jan O’L
I’ve always said that too much dihydrogen monoxide is dangerous, but do
they listen? -Mark Hodgkins
‘Someone found out how Dihydrogen Monoxide, even in a supposedly ‘safe’
container, can still be lethal.’ -Peter Tuijtjens
‘Wrong! It’s Oxygen Dihydride!’-Robert Moreton
Isn’t there a book titled ‘Let The Water Hold
Me Down’? -Jeff Peters
And then the Talking
Heads’ Once In A Lifetime -Jeff Peters © 1994 – 2022

Submitted by: Davide Saggio
Reference: Youtube of Scene, Italian News Source:

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