Breaking 1.6 billion! A new single-day box office record in Chinese film history!

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According to professional data, as of 1:47 pm that day, the single-day box office has reached 1.459 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), breaking the single-day box office record of 1.458 billion Chinese movies set on the first day of the Spring Festival in 2019.


As of 17:00, the total box office on the first day of the new year has exceeded 1.6 billion yuan. The box office of “Detective Chinatown 3”, which is leading the way in the pre-sale stage, reached 970 million yuan, accounting for 38% of the film. The family comedy “Hello, “Li Huanying” surpassed 260 million yuan in box office, accounting for more than 20% of the film.

“Assassination of Novelists”, “Bear Infested Wild Continent”, “Order of the Gods of Servant”, “New God List: Nezha Rebirth” and “Surge of People” are currently ranked 3-7.

This year’s Spring Festival film feeds have the characteristics of many types and good quality.

In the context of “Chinese New Year in situ”, when activities such as gatherings, traveling, visiting relatives and friends are affected to a certain extent, the advantage of watching movies as a “New Year custom” is obvious.

For this Spring Festival stall, the industry has previously made more optimistic predictions that its total box office may exceed the record of 5.8 billion yuan for the same stall in 2019.

As soon as they opened for business on the first day of the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival stalls in the Year of the Ox ushered in a hot scene. Ticket purchase platforms such as Maoyan and Taoping Tickets showed that although the ticket prices were much higher than usual, many movie theaters in Beijing had the majority in these two days. The performances are already “full,” and many netizens lamented “it is hard to find a ticket” on social platforms.

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