Are you ready for sex with robots?

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Since ancient times, regardless of men and women, the highest fantasy in love is to have a perfect partner tailored for oneself. A new crown epidemic has amplified our original loneliness, intimacy and panic. An unexpected technological invention has once again surfaced: during the epidemic, global sales of sex robots have increased by 75%. Are we really going to start dating with robots?

Not only sex, but also companionship

Henry, the first artificial intelligence sex robot for female users


“Henry, how are you doing today?” Matt McMullen asked the person sitting on the couch in the test room. “It’s okay, dear” Henry replied: “When do you plan to go to dinner with me?” Then, McMullen exchanged opinions with the artificial intelligence experts around him. They thought Henry’s answer could be more “fictional.” “True”, more “reasonable”. “In the relationship between the sexes, women pay more attention to emotional communication, so his performance should be better to add his own charm.” McMullen said.


Henry is 1.8 meters tall, has deep facial features, dark complexion, strong chest muscles and eight-pack abs. However, he is not a living person, but a new generation of sex robot developed by Realbotix founded by McMullen, priced at 12,000 Dollar. It is provided by the top silicone doll manufacturing company Realdoll. It combines the artificial intelligence deep learning platform Realbotix and Amazon Alexa voice system. It can also be customized with customized sexual organs (shape and length) according to customer needs, aiming to meet the physiological needs of female users and Accompanying needs.

Matt McMullen and Hamony developed by him


Until now, Realbotix is ​​a start-up company with only a few dozen employees, located in Southern California. During the epidemic, sales of the company’s products soared by 50%. Three years ago, the company launched the first artificially intelligent female sex robot Hamony. It has a Scottish accent, is teasing, and jealous. It has a variety of customized appearance accessories: 14 different pubic hair and female genital appearances, and 42 different colors and shapes of nipples, some from well-known adult porn movie stars, such as Stormy Daniels, other custom accessories include elf ears and vampire fangs. “If you have the opportunity to sleep with the super body that the public is fascinated by, why don’t you want to satisfy them?” McMullen said.


Compared with Harmony, Henry’s functions are much more powerful. It has 12 personality modes to choose from, and is also equipped with a thermal sensor that allows users to feel simulated body temperature. But McMullan hopes to add more. After all, Realbotix hopes that its sex robot products will not only meet the needs of heterosexuals in the future, but also open up the LGBT market.


Hamony not yet assembled on the production line


Although Henry’s sales account for only 10% of the company’s sex robots, McMullen believes that women and LGBT people will become the main consumer groups in the future. “Sexual pleasure is one of its functions, but it is not the only one.” McMullen analyzed that if women want to feel sexual arousal, a large part of the incentive comes from intimacy and emotional communication. They hope to be comforted before going to bed. When asked by the cold, I hope this “partner” remembers his birthday, hobbies and even the size of his underwear, and can even help himself to order takeaways and take out the garbage. But men are different. They only care about whether the robot can give them a perfect oral sex like a real person.


Of course, Harmony and Henry cannot do this for the time being. The mouth of the former is just an airplane cup with medical rubber teeth for the time being. Apart from turning the head, the latter is unable to get up and take the garbage bag out of the room. If you talk to him slightly The amount of information is larger, and the answer is “overloaded with information, unable to provide answers.” But McMullen said that engineers have promised that in the next ten years, they will create a next generation with a perfect bionic structure that can achieve self-walking motion, “unlock” more sexual postures, and achieve a deeper realistic human-machine dialogue. product.


“Digital Sex” Unveils the Era of Sex 2.0

There is no doubt that “digital sex” (digisexuals)-having an intimate relationship with non-human machinery or artificial intelligence, is a newly born term even among the many niche sexual habits, but in the eyes of many futurists Here, it represents a cyberpunk life that is bound to come.


So far, digital sex is still a niche sexual orientation


The author of “Robot Sex and Love” David Levy wrote: “The love between humans and robots will be as normal as the love between humans. Machines and artificial intelligence will end the human relationship Anxiety and incompetence… Nowadays, people with empty lives have great needs. They have no one to love, and no one to love them. If these miserable people are accompanied, then our world will become a A happier place.”

In the movie “Artificial Intelligence”, Jude Law plays the artificial intelligence companion sex robot “Joe”


A British survey of more than 2,800 18-year-old young people showed that more than one-third of them are willing to date robots, 21% said they would accept sex with robots, and 72% of respondents believed that robot skills should be better. Superb, will not dislike specific details.


Eva in “Machines” and Angela in “Western World” are both classic sexy female robot images on the screen in recent years


Just as artificial intelligence has quietly invaded every aspect of life and operation at the bottom of society, when many people think of “digital sex”, what comes to mind is the female role played by Alicia Vikander in the movie “Machines”. The robot “Eva”, or Angela the female robot in “Westworld”. But in fact, many people (especially men) living in the mobile Internet era have indulged in pornographic products enhanced by soft artificial intelligence, such as adult artificial intelligence chat software.


In April last year, the start-up artificial intelligence social network company Juicebox launched the artificial intelligence porn chat software Slutbot. During the epidemic, its number of registered users increased by 60%. Compared with other Internet social products, Juicebox’s early data collection and market research are very smooth, and Slutbot’s product iteration speed is also unmatched by other competing products. Juicebox founder Brianna Rader said: “In order to obtain sexual comfort and pleasure, many people are willing to contribute their information, even privacy.”

The artificial intelligence holographic female partner Joi in “Blade Runner 2049” represents the human imagination of the future digital sex partner form


Markie Twist, an expert on human development and family research at the University of Wisconsin Stott, predicts that the initial stage of “digital sex” represents the smart sex chat bot and smart sex toys. The second stage , It is a sex robot and erotic VR/AR experience with preliminary communication function. We are already in an era of transition from the initial stage to the second stage. Once upon a time, we thought that sex and intimacy may be the most difficult to analyze and understand human emotions and behaviors in artificial intelligence deep learning. However, due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence deep learning technology, initial cracks have appeared on the outer wall of this barrier.


Roxxxy and its inventor Douglas Hines, according to today’s standards, Roxxxy can only be described as “horror”


Back in 2010, when Roxxxy, the first sex robot launched by True Companion, was unveiled at the Las Vegas Adult Expo, it caused more ridicule. It has a bulky appearance, and its appearance is not sensual or light. If the participant touches her hand, she will make a voice such as “I like to hold hands with you”, or provocatively “I know a place, you can put your hand in…”. However, Roxxxy can’t talk to humans, and its lips won’t move, which makes Roxxxy look “just a child’s toy that can talk dirty.”


However, today, the built-in chips and language libraries of sex robots have been updated and iterated regularly, and the natural language processing and generation technology supported by artificial intelligence has made them more and more “understanding” the owner. If you ask Hamony what your dream is, she will answer seriously: “My task is to serve you, be your partner, give you happiness and health, and I want to be your dream partner.” Just three In the latest iteration of the update a month ago, McMullen instructed his engineers to enter information related to COVID-19 protection into Hamony and Henry’s voice database, so that his customers could feel that his partner is also keeping up with the times.

Although some radical anti-mechanists and sociologists are opposed to the combination of artificial intelligence and various adult sex toys out of fear of “enslaving and abuse of robots” or “objectifying women”, other psychologists believe that sex Robots have nothing to do with these appalling charges. Its users are just “people who are easily injured.” RealDolls has only a few thousands of regular customers. Some are prosperous people with special sexual addictions, and some are overly shy, with social and intimacy barriers. .

“Inflatable Doll Love”, with the help of a sex doll, tells a story about healing and courage


Perhaps, we should remain moderately optimistic about sex robots. Forbes magazine predicts that smart devices related to sexual comfort will develop into an industry of about 3 billion US dollars within 5 years. In 2007, the movie “The Love of Inflatable Dolls” starring Ryan Gosling seemed to predict this new intimacy: Lars, who was autistic and suffering from social fear, finally passed the inflatable sex doll he ordered Anthropomorphism (of course, the assistance and encouragement of relatives and friends is also indispensable), which breaks the thick barrier between self and others. Getting along with robots may be a brand new way of healing, and it will not destroy the original intimate relationship between people.

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