2024 trump return ?

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2024 trump return   ?The last session of the CPAC is the trump speech.

It’s the main shaft, not the final shaft. The big axis is the last one to go on the stage. The last one is the last one. It means to press the big axis, but the real big axis is the last one to go on the stage.

This is the first public speech made by President Chuan after he left office. It is a public statement made to at least 74 million voters at a gathering of conservative elites in the United States. Its importance can be imagined.

President Chuan’s speech lasted nearly 100 minutes. A long speech is actually a problem. Unless academic lectures are given, speeches on any political topic should not exceed ten minutes, otherwise it will damage the impact and shock.

But Kawabata is always nagging. If his speech can be compressed in the shortest time, the number and enthusiasm of his supporters will double.

Fortunately, you Chaofen patiently refined the essence of his speech, which can be summarized as one center and three basic points

One center is that he is very likely to take part in the 2024 election. He said that he “may defeat them (pig party) for the third time”.

The three basic points are the three plans to ensure the victory of the Republican Party and the Republican Party

The first basic point: reforming the Republican Party.

Trump once again made clear that he would not form his own party, but to reorganize the current Republican Party. He believes that the current Republican Party through the election has been unprecedented unity.

The most important thing is that the traitors who used to be in the Republican Party have been fully exposed, and eliminating them is tantamount to building a new Republican Party. To this end, he specially named the defecting Republicans in both houses of Congress, such as Romney and Lizzie Cheney.

Trump said he had voted for 122 Republican candidates, 120 of whom were elected, and only 2 of them were deliberately knocked off because they were too close to him.

In view of this situation, next year’s mid-term election of Congress, the Republican Party will become the majority party that controls both houses of Congress It makes sense to return to the White House in 2024.

Who’s going back to the White House? what you think?

The second basic point: plug the election loophole.

Trump once again reaffirmed that he won the 2020 election, and stressed that the most urgent thing for the Republican Party is to safeguard fairness and honesty in elections. Trump said the 2020 election is a shame for the United States, which makes the politics of the United States less than that of the third world countries. He also denounced the Supreme Court justices for their lack of courage.

Trump called on all Republican states to consolidate state level elections. Among the six disputed states in this election, five of them are Republican in name. However, due to the chaos of the state level election, it leads to irreparable tragedy. So the top priority is for Republicans in each state to plug the election loopholes in this state and never allow this kind of farce to happen again in the future.

The third basic point: to establish their own voice platform.

In this election, the big technology companies and left stream media contributed a lot to the losers, while the Conservatives almost lost all the network channels for voice and contact.

Therefore, trump suggested that confuse right and wrong should be established by conservatives.

Trump requires all conservative states to curb crimes committed by the left media and big technology companies in the state, and punish them severely against free public opinion until they are banned and dismembered.

This trump show was more popular than any modern president, including Reagan. If he can achieve the three basic points of this center, the Americans will no longer find a place for him on Mount Rushmore, where four presidential portraits have been carved, but will find a higher mountain to carve an immortal statue for him.

As of the latest poll, trump has become the greatest and none of the presidents in American history. In particular, after the defeat lamp came to power for a month, the price of gasoline in the United States rose by 30%, especially after the so-called “Equality Act” of the defeat faction was introduced, and the black men were kicked out of the women’s bathroom by the black women.



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